Users can also visit the mountains using a smartphone to experience a 360-degree virtual-reality world

As the world continues to progress in technology, it has become easier for people to experience new things without leaving their homes. Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most exciting technological advancements of recent times that can help users explore different environments and engage with them in ways never thought possible before. It also […]

Users need only tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag, and the mountains will belt it out

The power of social media has yet again wowed us as a mountain in Switzerland is literally belting out tweets, thanks to a creative experiment conducted by Swiss brand Mouthness. Users need only tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag to make their thoughts heard, literally. This historically celebrated peak in […]

Mountains of Mouthness, An Interactive Experiment Featuring Two Animated Mountains Yelling Tweets at Each Other

Mountains of Mouthness: A Unique Interactive Experiment Featuring Two Animated Mountains ‘Yelling’ Tweets at Each Other Mountainous terrain has attracted adventurers, hikers and geographers for centuries. No longer is the natural beauty of mountains simply admired from afar, however – thanks to the recent creation of a unique interactive experiment called Mountains of Mouthness you […]

Any message that contains #bad will be recited

As a modern society we feel connected by two things, the internet and language. We use the internet to spread information and opinions and language to communicate ideas, deliver news, and spark debates in meaningful discussions. Recently, an interesting development is taking place that could potentially transform social media’s ability to unite people even further. […]

The Mouthness Mountains recite tweets for you with their own voices

Introduction Tired of hearing the same voice whenever you scroll through your Twitter feed? Now, imagine if a mountain range could come to life and read your tweets in its own natural voice! That’s just what’s happened with the Mouthness Mountains – a stunningly majestic chain of peaks located in northern Sweden. Rather than providing […]