Users need only tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag, and the mountains will belt it out

Twitter may have started as an online platform to share thoughts and updates in 280 characters, but it has evolved beyond our wildest dreams—and now, it can lead to making mountains sing! Yes, you read that right. Now users only need to tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag, and the […]

Any message that contains #bad will be recited

In a rapidly advancing digital age, communication is evolving at an incredible pace. Instant messaging, hashtag trends, and global connectivity have completely transformed how we share and consume information. While these advances make it increasingly easier to establish connections and streamline conversations, they also present new challenges in contexts such as using hashtags like #bad, […]

The Mouthness Mountains recite tweets for you with their own voices

The company behind the popular social media platform, Twitter, is making headlines again with its latest eco-experiment—The Mouthness Mountains. Nestled in a remote location, these mountain peaks now possess the ability to recite your tweets with voices of their own. This innovative and enchanting endeavor is aimed to promote a closer relationship between nature and […]