Mountains of Mouthness, An Interactive Experiment Featuring Two Animated Mountains Yelling Tweets at Each Other

Are you bored, scrolling through your Twitter feed, looking for some respite from the mundane? Are you an outdoor enthusiast, nurturing a deep reverence for the world’s mountains? Are you an artist exploring the digital space? Or are you just someone who needs a little laugh now and then?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or simply have a penchant for unique and amusing art installations, it’s time to embark on an exciting journey to the enigmatic yet uproarious world of Mountains of Mouthness.

The inception of yelling mountains:

Mountains often evoke awe and admiration; we cannot help but be amazed at their sheer majesty. In media and literature, these towering peaks have been personified as wise old creatures that have seen it all. However, two multi-talented artists, Andreas Zecher and Martin Ström, decided to take things up a notch by launching Mountains of Mouthness – an interactive experiment featuring two animated mountains that yell out random tweets at each other.

The premise: bridging the gap between people and nature:

The concept is simple and rooted in fun – as people converse on Twitter using the hashtag #mountainsmouth, these gargantuan landforms learn from our conversations and echo snippets of those dialogues. The intention behind this seemingly ridiculous installation is to remind us how deeply connected we are with nature – even when we’re digitally engaged in our day-to-day lives.

When you witness these towering peaks violently spouting out brusque lines from Twitter exchanges or hearing one politely inform its counterpoint that “your mom is very nice” – it creates a surreal fusion of the physical and digital worlds.

How it works:

Powered by WebGL and Web Audio API technologies, best open with Google Chrome or Firefox. Simply head over to to witness this interactive exhibition unfold before your eyes.

When visiting the website, keep your speakers ON, and your volume UP! You’ll be greeted by two seemingly serene mountains painted in vivid hues. Suddenly, they come alive as they throw caution to the wind and scream tweets for all the world to hear. The animations are superbly detailed with spewing lava-like mouths; their human-like mouths sync precisely with their amusing outbursts.

The takeaway: entertainment amidst chaos

In an age where technology continues to barge into every aspect of our lives – this quirky installation offers a sense of humor amidst chaos. Whether you wish to inject some fun into your otherwise monotonous conversations or crave something offbeat online – this interactive exhibit will leave you speechless (pun intended!)

Beyond its ability to entertain, Mountains of Mouthness also rekindles our fondness for all things quirky and thought-provoking. After all, it’s not every day that one comes across such an ingenious way of communicating with fellow tweeple!

So go ahead – make friends with these humorous giants today or simply sit back and enjoy their precious bickering with glee! The sky’s (and mountains) truly the limit for creativity when technology collides with artistic expression.