Mountains of Mouthness, An Interactive Experiment Featuring Two Animated Mountains Yelling Tweets at Each Other

Mountains of Mouthness: A Unique Interactive Experiment Featuring Two Animated Mountains ‘Yelling’ Tweets at Each Other

Mountainous terrain has attracted adventurers, hikers and geographers for centuries. No longer is the natural beauty of mountains simply admired from afar, however – thanks to the recent creation of a unique interactive experiment called Mountains of Mouthness you can now stimulate your visual and sonic senses with an experience never before seen or heard.

Developed by Android Experiments, Mountains of Mouthness is an experimental collaboration between Whiteboard Ecosystems, Gold Helmet Animation, Tender Claws and Google Creative Lab in Los Angeles and features two animated mountain-like creatures that take place in a most unusual dialogue. Every few minutes they each share posts relative to the topics they are discussing as they negotiate back and forth. The duo’s conversation is constructed entirely out of tweets gathered using oEmbed query string parameters in order to build a live streaming commentary on popular culture through real-time news updates collected from Twitter. As each post is ‘scrolled’ across the screen it triggers mountain rumbles which add a captivating audio pairing with the visuals. The conversation itself can range from current events such as elections, sports games, economic trends…or even wilder topics derived from online threads found on any number of social media platforms around the world!

Mountains of Mouthness takes an interactive approach to its content that builds upon a variety of modern technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to curate data from constantly changing sources around worldwide web so interesting conversations ensue as long as people keep talking about these topics that in turn steeply influence public opinion.

For those looking for an exciting adventure within this virtual environment there are options available relating to controlled actions; controlling dialogue direction via hand gestures – yes you read that right – which allow users complete control over which direction their journey takes by pressing mountains appropriate buttons displayed on their mobile phone screens or tablets tablet devices related to specific topics with detailed definition listed beforehand what each reaction will entail once actioned so no surprises come into play within game playing experience allowing all inclusive mechanisms allowing broadened accessibility among players regardless age/disability status level understanding expected given subject matter being discussed while visiting. Additionally lovely aesthetic color paired against stylish high definition visuals along atmospheric soundscape created especially construction settings providing comprehensive sense full immersion meant reward exploration environments encounter during visit duration (of course depending connection speeds provided) entice viewers remain entertained swiftly enticing curiosity proceed expand experiment possibilities garnering fast success pattern surprised us pleasantly wonderful project majority more!

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