The Mouthness Mountains recite tweets for you with their own voices


Tired of hearing the same voice whenever you scroll through your Twitter feed? Now, imagine if a mountain range could come to life and read your tweets in its own natural voice! That’s just what’s happened with the Mouthness Mountains – a stunningly majestic chain of peaks located in northern Sweden. Rather than providing a typical view to take in as you hike along, these mountains now offer something truly unique: they recite tweets for anyone who passes by with their own voices!

The Adventures of Social Media in Nature

In order for this experiment to take place, the challenge was three-fold: create an individualized audio setup for each peak, animate the Mouthness Mountains into an audio landscape with nature sounds that matched their unique atmosphere, and most significantly, ensure each individual peak narrates tweets from “tweeps”—a term coined for individuals associated with Twitter. A combination of sound engineers and digital artists set out on a cross-country mission to capture and process field recordings from each peak along the range throughout 2017.

Once all of these steps had been completed, speakers broadcasting recognizable vocals were mounted high in trees directly opposite each peak. An automated tweet narration system was then created so people near the peaks could hear their tweets being read out loud using their own words – making it seem like they were interspersed within these creeks and cascades.

A Unique Way To Enjoy Nature
Say goodbye to reading Twitter feeds; now there is an invigorating new way to enjoy nature while learning how others are engaging online! Those visiting or venturing through the Mouthness Mountain Range can now listen to amusing stories while they absorb magnificent views few have ever experienced before. Even better—this idea can be tailored around any other outdoor location, such as deserts or national parks, so long as those wishing to engage are familiar with twitter (or even provide code access instead). It’s time for us all to move beyond confined screens and experience new levels of engagement that combine naturalistic beauty with exciting tech advancements such as tweeting conversations set against incredible surroundings!

Visiting the Mouthness Mountain Range has been taken up a notch – get ready for your own personalized experience made possible by innovative yet eco-friendly technology developed specifically with nature enthusiasts in mind. After all, what better way is there than listening to twitter feeds projected across awe inspiring scenery? Together we can ‘make our voices heard loud and clear’ – even through mountains!