Users need only tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag, and the mountains will belt it out

The power of social media has yet again wowed us as a mountain in Switzerland is literally belting out tweets, thanks to a creative experiment conducted by Swiss brand Mouthness. Users need only tweet to the @MoMouthness Twitter account or use the #mouthness hashtag to make their thoughts heard, literally.

This historically celebrated peak in Switzerland, known locally as The Schilthorn, is apparently listening and responding to users on Twitter via a custom soundscape developed with the help of some modern technology being installed throughout the region. As users send their messages, either direct or through the hashtag, an automated system is then used to turn those messages into sound patterns and music effects – sending them reverberating through the valleys below for all to hear.

The idea was inspired by local folklore that believes mountains are symbolic for wisdom and timelessness, so it seemed like fitting platform for hearing and expecting real-time tweets from around the world. According to Mouthness—the company responsible for such an innovative stunt—they want “to bring back traditions where people felt connected with nature” while tapping “into one of Mother Nature’s most powerful elements; that is Sound Waves”.

Local residents have reported hearing chatters float up and echo around mountain peaks ever since creator Mario Moehrle officially launched ‘Mouthness’ earlier this month. The response has proven staggeringly positive so far with many locals flocking towards The Schilthorn simply wanting to experience what it’d be like hearing our social media chats come alive using this clever little ploy stationed in those skies above them.

As part of Mouthiness’ “Connect with Nature” campaign—which serves as launchpad for this newfangled idea—CEO Georgeann Labuzeki says they hope “people will now think outside of their computer screens and take advantage of communication networks that also include nature”. This way people can become more socially involved rather than losing themselves within algorithm dominated conversations surrounded by digital walls dominated by algorithms. Point taken!

The actual installation consists of two key parts: The first part involves radios which act as a kind intermediary between civilization below shouting content up top via electromagnetic signals passing through airwaves – delivering digital data (such as song lyrics) stored inside cloud storage platforms up into space. So every message sent over Twitter will be converted into sound frequencies/patterns used later when actually playing generated noise/music heard at ground level afterwards–aka “Skylouding”.

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